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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Garden of Hedon: COMING SOON (UPDATED!)

 Okay, so I've decided to ignore the offers we've gotten. What most people think is that getting distribution=success for a film, when nothing is farther from the truth. It's easy to get distribution nowadays if your movie has an interesting premise and/or a good trailer/poster.

Getting paid, however, especially with no known actors--that's the rub.

So we're going to go ahead and put the film out ourselves. The Blu Ray has everything we ever wanted, including an incredibly great looking master from the original 4K footage.

We're going to start putting the movie online in pieces, the way we originally wrote it, and I'll decide at what point we stop. They'll go up about once every two weeks, and you can find them at this link:


You can watch the prelude plus the first four minutes of the film RIGHT NOW! That's right, nearly 10 full minutes of the movie already! UPDATE! We put the next chapter up early! Take a look!

But please note that the pre-order for the Blu Ray won't go up until we're about the go to press on them, probably late December, so don't bother pushing the pre-order button yet. UPDATE! You can now pre-order for the ridiculous price of $20 plus free shipping! (shipping will be refunded after payment) The price will go up to $25 when the GOH Blu is delivered(we're estimating late January).

Then the film will show up on Amazon, but we'll always have the cheapest price on our web site. After that the full movie will start streaming from Amazon and some other sites.

We're excited to finally be getting the movie out there so everyone can check it out!

Friday, August 30, 2013

August 2013 Update

Danielle Lozeau as "Maria" in the Cloisters Castle.

Not much to report here. We've received two offers for GOH, but neither is great so we're pretty sure we're going to pass on both. If there's no advance, that usually means no money ever. If we're going to nearly give the movie away, I'd rather just do things my way and put out my own version of the blu ray.

D.P. Jared Noe frames John Bailey and Carl Stevens

So we'll continue to field offers, but if nothing comes along that I'm happy with then there's a great chance I'll just have a run of blu-rays professionally done, and then we'll probably put half of the movie online where you can watch it in pieces(the way we originally wrote it).

And if people want to see the full movie to find out who the killer is, as well as see the Making Of and all the extras, they can grab the blu ray from us--which I know a lot of the KS people were disappointed that they weren't going to be able to get it.

We may also stream the full movie from some of other places who have expressed interest in selling the movie online.

Either way, we're moving forward on our next flick--writing the script now. I'll talk more about that later.

Thanks for keeping up with us!

Friday, June 7, 2013

All Done on the KS

Below is a note I put on our Facebook page. I just reprint it here in case you're not one of our fans who Like the page. But while we're talking about it, how come you haven't gone over there and LIKED us? I don't do a new page for every movie, cuz that can get annoying.

So go over and Like Us, and make sure you check the SHOW IN NEWS FEED button.


Well, the campaign is over. Gave it quite a shot, but for some reason or another it didn't get the traffic it needed.

I'll take another look at it later. I still think the idea is sound, and could work for filmmakers, depending on the project and their fan base. I would bet that if this had been for money to make another clown movie, we would have made it. (based on the 13,000 views we got in a week on our clown update video)

But maybe it's still too early. People still don't understand that nowadays getting distribution isn't equivelent to success--frankly it probably means you didn't make any money at all. And while it's clear that people feel fine giving you money to MAKE your movie, they're a little cloudy on why they would put up money to have a movie distributed. Of course, people are always slow to adopt new ideas, so maybe it's just a matter of time.

It's a little like the notion(that still exists) that a direct-to-dvd movie is a lesser-quality than a theatrical release. They don't get the fact that theatrical isn't going to happen for 99% of the movies being made--there aren't enough movie screens, not to mention that studios aren't going to put the ad money behind a micro-budget flick. (with, of course, the once-every-ten-years exception of Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity)

These facts are the reason that Bruce Willis and Nic Cage movies go direct to video or Netflix. Clearly those movies can get distribution...but there's only so much room and if the studio doesn't think it's going to be a smash hit, they won't risk spending the money to put it in theaters.

As for us, not sure what's next. I have to prep the screeners/press kits to send to my rep for "Garden of Hedon". Then, we'll get some offers(I assume) and will have to go over contracts. Once that's done and we agree to terms I have to prep all the materials. It's an ungodly amount of tedious work, and one of the big reasons I would have liked to skip it. I got into this to make movies, not deal with distribution issues. If we accept an offer fast you might see GOH on VOD in a year. No idea when the dvd/Blu would follow, but typically not within 6 months.

In between that we'll talk about what's next. We have an investor already who's offered to front money--a decent amount, but not enough for the script we'd really like to do. (with some name actors!)

Anyway, just wanted to thank everybody again who shared our links and believed in us enough to pledge!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Our newest update video

Check it out--and then pitch in a buck for every time you laughed. That's a fair trade, right? :)

Last 10 days of the campaign! Without everyone's help we won't be able to do this!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Kickstarter UPDATE!

Director of Photography Jared Noe being reminded why he signed up for this project

So we're at nearly $2000 of our goal--the hard part is over! :)

For anyone unsure of just how Kickstarter works, you pledge money to the cause(in this case, giving away the movie to everybody including you). You don't pay until June when the campaign is over, and ONLY if we make our goal.

So it's impossible to lose--either we reach our goal and you get a movie plus your reward, or we don't reach the goal and you're not charged a dime.


Please spread the word. The more people who put in money--even a dollar--the closer we get to the goal.

If you want to see this movie, PLEDGE! Otherwise you're not going to see it for at least two years...and then you'll probably get a barebones dvd/blu ray that the distributor threw together with barely any extras. This way you get the Blu Ray we created! With all the extras, just like we wanted them!

We need your help to make this happen!

Also check out this new update video featuring me answering questions!

And then this update video which features the return of the super-popular SHIVERS THE CLOWN!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wanna see the film for nearly FREE?

We've launched an innovative Kickstarter plan which, if successful, will see us release the full film in high quality format to the internet. Anybody will be able to watch it(even on their TV if it's internet enabled, which many are now)--got a Blu Ray player that connects to Youtube? There you go. An Xbox or Playstation? Watch it through that.

So check it out--drop a couple of bucks and it could be a reality! If we don't make the goal, you don't get charged a dime!

And tell your friends! We'll be having updates AND giveaways! This week we're giving away 3 hardcover copies of Stephen King's Dark Tower "The Gunslinger Born" comic adaptation, a $24.95 hardcover! Three random donators will win!

Make sure you click on the UPDATES button to see the brand new final TRAILER for the film!

Lastly, if you have any questions you'd like Kevin to answer in a video update, reply here and we'll submit them to him!

Joe Grisaffi, Rob Hagans, David M. Sitbon--each wins a $24.95 Stephen King The Gunslinger Born comic adapation hardcover, courtesy of Marvel Comics. (if you're not in the US, I'll have to disqualify you and draw another name)

Please email us at so we can get your information to send these out. More giveaways next week!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blu Ray Work

So as we continue to plan things I'll show you a graphic of the Blu Ray disc we're working on. Please note that this was created by me, so it's pretty amateurish. The awesome Erik Ashley, the guy who created the posters for every movie since FOC, has been nice enough to take a look at them and will be making them better.

You should really swing over to his web site and check him out. And hire him--he does incredible work.

But I figured you might want to see this before he makes it 1000 times better...

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Experiment Will Begin In A Moment

Or, roughly 2 weeks.

I can't talk much about it yet, but it could mean everyone(and I mean EVERYONE) could see GOH in April.

I have recently completed the full color-corrected version of the flick and much of the Making Of, which this time will be a number of shorter segments rather than one long supplement.

We're prepping to do the commentary. Prepping in the sense that I have to get more vodka.

Thanks to everyone who voted on imdb--if you haven't yet, please jump on over and rate us! It helps us out and is as easy as one click!

 Richard and Danielle
BTS of the cookout, Night 1 of the shoot