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Monday, January 31, 2011


I know...I been neglectful here.

Here's your updates--I've rough cut the first twelve scenes of GOH. That's right, about 20 minutes of GOH in a row! All of the audio has been imported and cut into individual take files which--believe me--is one of the least fun things to do.

I'm probably going to cut a few more scenes before I pull together some clips for a teaser. We had been asked last month to be interviewed in Rob Long II and Frank Lama's Smash or Trash TV show, and they want some clips so I've been looking for some stuff for them also.

So hey, pretty soon you WILL see some stuff one way or the other.

We actually shot a big pickup scene this month at what I like to call "Murder Warhouse". The Baltimore Film Commission got us the location, but it was pretty scary. Not a good part of Baltimore. And cold.

But we got a lot done...

Here's some more random pics.
 Richard Cutting and Danielle Lozeau before they learned to hate each other...
(it's a joke--everybody loves Danielle!)
(that's another joke at Richard's expense...)
 That is Dollhead Easter Bunny.

These are pics from pre-production when Jason Koch and Kaleigh Brown saved my bacon by coming in on short notice and doing a face cast of Andrew Ely.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Coupla Pics Courtesty of Joe Ripple

Fellow filmmaker Joe Ripple helped me out by taking some cool pics on set when he could make it out. I'll be putting them up here on occasion.

I have a rough edit of scenes 1-5 for GOH, and am pulling clips for a teaser.

Tonight though, we do a drunken commentary track for "Bounty". Our only wish, that Tom Proctor could be here with us. (Us being Me, Luke, Zig and Jared)

This picture is awesome--no FX were added or done to this picture. I don't know why she appears have demon eyes...a trick of the light.
 Mike Hodge came out and suffered some serious long nights with us...
 Wishing he'd said no when I asked him to star in the movie...
Cute extra with naked Heather-on-table