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Monday, January 3, 2011

Coupla Pics Courtesty of Joe Ripple

Fellow filmmaker Joe Ripple helped me out by taking some cool pics on set when he could make it out. I'll be putting them up here on occasion.

I have a rough edit of scenes 1-5 for GOH, and am pulling clips for a teaser.

Tonight though, we do a drunken commentary track for "Bounty". Our only wish, that Tom Proctor could be here with us. (Us being Me, Luke, Zig and Jared)

This picture is awesome--no FX were added or done to this picture. I don't know why she appears have demon eyes...a trick of the light.
 Mike Hodge came out and suffered some serious long nights with us...
 Wishing he'd said no when I asked him to star in the movie...
Cute extra with naked Heather-on-table

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