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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update 8/23/11

Okay, been a hectic 6 weeks. Lot of personal stuff cropping up to get in the way of filmmaking, which is par for the course on low-budget shoots. And when you're a one-man post-production crew, when you get busy, the movie stops.

I have a complete cut of "Garden of Hedon". The film has been restructured a bit. They say films are made in the edit room, and the degree of truth in that differs from film to film.

My last film "Bounty" was pretty much the script in every scene. The edit was really nothing more than stringing the scenes together in the order they were written.

On GOH, I've reordered some scenes. I've even completely removed one five minute section of the film. It's actually a very good scene, but it just slows down the narrative. It's background that's introduced late in the movie, so I've decided to simply put it online first before you can see the film.

So what I'm going to do now is export the film with timecode and send a copy to our composer, Chad Seiter. He's unbelievably talented--he was Michael Giacchino's right-hand man on the television show "Lost" and "Fringe"(Chad composed much of season 2's score, and is on the soundtrack), and movies like The Incredibles, Star Trek, Land of the Lost, and more.

I'm really excited to see what new stuff he comes up with. He hit it out of the ballpark on FOC1 and FOC2. One of the best parts of filmmaking is laying in a score and seeing how the scene plays with music. It really can make a flat scene pop, or make a tense scene even more excruciating.

While Chad is composing, I'm going to be trying to get the gang back together to loop some of the bad scenes' audio.

Today's Who's Spiking The Camera features our club scene.

That's Annabelle Shore spiking the camera next to Caitlyn.

Here's Candy nervously spiking the camera during a crain-dolly...
this is the worst time to spike the camera.