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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Garden of Hedon: COMING SOON (UPDATED!)

 Okay, so I've decided to ignore the offers we've gotten. What most people think is that getting distribution=success for a film, when nothing is farther from the truth. It's easy to get distribution nowadays if your movie has an interesting premise and/or a good trailer/poster.

Getting paid, however, especially with no known actors--that's the rub.

So we're going to go ahead and put the film out ourselves. The Blu Ray has everything we ever wanted, including an incredibly great looking master from the original 4K footage.

We're going to start putting the movie online in pieces, the way we originally wrote it, and I'll decide at what point we stop. They'll go up about once every two weeks, and you can find them at this link:


You can watch the prelude plus the first four minutes of the film RIGHT NOW! That's right, nearly 10 full minutes of the movie already! UPDATE! We put the next chapter up early! Take a look!

But please note that the pre-order for the Blu Ray won't go up until we're about the go to press on them, probably late December, so don't bother pushing the pre-order button yet. UPDATE! You can now pre-order for the ridiculous price of $20 plus free shipping! (shipping will be refunded after payment) The price will go up to $25 when the GOH Blu is delivered(we're estimating late January).

Then the film will show up on Amazon, but we'll always have the cheapest price on our web site. After that the full movie will start streaming from Amazon and some other sites.

We're excited to finally be getting the movie out there so everyone can check it out!

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