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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Final Online Chapter Is Up!

And we're posting the link here first!

So don't forget to head on over HERE and order yours! They come in on 2/17/2014!

You can also order from Amazon here, but it'll cost you a little more!

I decided to stop the online ones here because the next chapter features a lot of nudity, and Youtube kind of has fits about posting stuff like that.


  1. Hi. Big Fan of your work and your Fear of Clowns movies. Is it this time possible to order Garden of Hedon from germany? Last time (Fear of Clowns 2) is was not possible:(.

    I hope so. Keep up the work!

  2. Thanks for being a fan! Unfortunately shipping is prohibitive to many countries like Germany(it appears to cost about $45-$50 to ship the blu there, which is crazy--if you know a different way, let me know). However if you just want to see the movie there are going to be a couple of online ways to stream it, which I'll post here as soon as they're ready. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the answer.

    Online is not a Option. I am a collector and i need an original disc with cover *gg*.

    I don't know a differnt way. I buy a lot in the USA ( where i got my Fear of Clowns 2 limited DVD, etc.) and i pay only 10-15 $ for shipping. There must be differnt options to send something to Germany, or not? I want to buy the Fear of Clowns 2 Blu-ray also but 50$ for shipping is defentiv to much...

    That's uncool:(

    I hope i find any other Option..