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Friday, June 7, 2013

All Done on the KS

Below is a note I put on our Facebook page. I just reprint it here in case you're not one of our fans who Like the page. But while we're talking about it, how come you haven't gone over there and LIKED us? I don't do a new page for every movie, cuz that can get annoying.

So go over and Like Us, and make sure you check the SHOW IN NEWS FEED button.


Well, the campaign is over. Gave it quite a shot, but for some reason or another it didn't get the traffic it needed.

I'll take another look at it later. I still think the idea is sound, and could work for filmmakers, depending on the project and their fan base. I would bet that if this had been for money to make another clown movie, we would have made it. (based on the 13,000 views we got in a week on our clown update video)

But maybe it's still too early. People still don't understand that nowadays getting distribution isn't equivelent to success--frankly it probably means you didn't make any money at all. And while it's clear that people feel fine giving you money to MAKE your movie, they're a little cloudy on why they would put up money to have a movie distributed. Of course, people are always slow to adopt new ideas, so maybe it's just a matter of time.

It's a little like the notion(that still exists) that a direct-to-dvd movie is a lesser-quality than a theatrical release. They don't get the fact that theatrical isn't going to happen for 99% of the movies being made--there aren't enough movie screens, not to mention that studios aren't going to put the ad money behind a micro-budget flick. (with, of course, the once-every-ten-years exception of Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity)

These facts are the reason that Bruce Willis and Nic Cage movies go direct to video or Netflix. Clearly those movies can get distribution...but there's only so much room and if the studio doesn't think it's going to be a smash hit, they won't risk spending the money to put it in theaters.

As for us, not sure what's next. I have to prep the screeners/press kits to send to my rep for "Garden of Hedon". Then, we'll get some offers(I assume) and will have to go over contracts. Once that's done and we agree to terms I have to prep all the materials. It's an ungodly amount of tedious work, and one of the big reasons I would have liked to skip it. I got into this to make movies, not deal with distribution issues. If we accept an offer fast you might see GOH on VOD in a year. No idea when the dvd/Blu would follow, but typically not within 6 months.

In between that we'll talk about what's next. We have an investor already who's offered to front money--a decent amount, but not enough for the script we'd really like to do. (with some name actors!)

Anyway, just wanted to thank everybody again who shared our links and believed in us enough to pledge!

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