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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wanna see the film for nearly FREE?

We've launched an innovative Kickstarter plan which, if successful, will see us release the full film in high quality format to the internet. Anybody will be able to watch it(even on their TV if it's internet enabled, which many are now)--got a Blu Ray player that connects to Youtube? There you go. An Xbox or Playstation? Watch it through that.

So check it out--drop a couple of bucks and it could be a reality! If we don't make the goal, you don't get charged a dime!

And tell your friends! We'll be having updates AND giveaways! This week we're giving away 3 hardcover copies of Stephen King's Dark Tower "The Gunslinger Born" comic adaptation, a $24.95 hardcover! Three random donators will win!

Make sure you click on the UPDATES button to see the brand new final TRAILER for the film!

Lastly, if you have any questions you'd like Kevin to answer in a video update, reply here and we'll submit them to him!

Joe Grisaffi, Rob Hagans, David M. Sitbon--each wins a $24.95 Stephen King The Gunslinger Born comic adapation hardcover, courtesy of Marvel Comics. (if you're not in the US, I'll have to disqualify you and draw another name)

Please email us at so we can get your information to send these out. More giveaways next week!

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