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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The actual GOH diary, Day 3

Day 3 (11/9/2010): Will this Agony never end?

These are frame captures from the wide shots of night 3
Featuring  Leanna Chamish, Kimberly Kerr, Rodger Schultz, Robert Haag, Mitch Klein and Richard Cutting.  

Okay, how do I say this? We fell behind again.

I’m not sure how it fuckin’ gets out of hand. Really, I don’t. We were set to shoot 4 scenes in the foyer. Sure, there’s a little complicated stuff but it’s less than three fuckin’ pages. Somehow it takes us like six hours to do that...

One hot, big busted extra showed up and lightened the spirits momentarily.

The fuckin’ Red doesn’t help. It keeps resetting itself. It’s bulky and heavy.

We move up to shoot the wine room and we’re already way behind. Fall more behind. I try to streamline, but it’s ugly and I’m guessing on shots(revising the shooting script while people are asking me questions, telling me how much time we have—this is not fun filmmaking), so I bet I missed some. I gotta hope I can digitally push in on some shots(I’ve been told you can do it on the Red quite easily, but we’ll see).

We got one shot I liked. Rest is pretty much dogshit, but we had some really nice looking extras/cast tonight. No nudity yet though.

To top it off we got out a little late, and the Cloisters staffers are starting to get annoyed(rightfully so)—and then I get out and one of the extras, a college buddy of mine, has a dead truck. We spend a half hour(at 6am) trying to make it go. No dice.

It almost comes to me driving them the 45 minutes home—luckily we get Noah to do it. I tell him to come in late the next day so he can get some sleep.

I got enough shit to do. I have to stop this derailing train, and fast...I think we’ve got 6 pickup scenes now in 3 days...

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