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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Actual GOH diary, Day 4

Couple of notes: First, this is not a spoiler, as Lauren's character isn't established before her scene.

Second, this entire part became a deleted scene that you can see online right here. It all takes place before the main events in the movie, so I feel okay putting it up.

Also I apologize but I seem to curse an awful lot in my diary...

Day 4(11/10/2010): Holy Shit, we made a day

First scene where Lauren Lakis gets dragged through a room is like a Jebadiah reunion. Jessy Danner, Danielle, and Lauren. Runs late. It's only five fuckin’ shots.

My wife is in the background cooking lasagna for the cast/crew in the shots. It’s not out of place, so I figured we’d just leave her there like she’s someone at the House.

We move to Lauren Lakis' suicide in the bathtub. Ziegler does the blood. We’ve got like 100 candles, and we have to make sure Lauren doesn’t get near one and, you know, catch on fire.

Looks good, runs long. Fuck. Dinner’s ready while we shoot, so we’re having people eat in shifts. The critical people don’t get a shift until we’re done the scene(me, Zig, Jared and Lauren are the criticals in this case).

This sucks, because I know how good my wife's lasagna is.

We keep falling behind, we push through. Supposed to end at 2am. We actually end at 7am but we DID make it(short of a couple of shots). We would have finished if the Red didn’t keep shutting down. Not sure why. Hopefully won’t be a problem tomorrow.

Even though we were behind, everyone wanted to take a shot at throwing the badge on the floor and having it land perfectly in front of the camera. No one could get it perfect, but we got close.

Lot of innuendo flying around.

Also of note, we had a featured extra role we had not cast. We simply could not find a girl who resembled Danielle(kind of waifish) and who looked younger than she is.

Well, a boyfriend/girlfriend came out tonight to be extras and the girl looked perfect. We pulled her aside--her name's Lauren-- and said, "Hey, you want an upgrade?"

It was a little dicey because the scene we needed her for later involved her wearing a very small bathing suit(we needed her to appear naked without actually BEING naked), and since we'd just met her we didn't want to come off like we wanted her to star in a porn.

She was all for it though. We took a pic of her for a prop we needed(the pic below), and made sure she could show up for the other scene where she's featured.

Then we still used her as a regular extra by having her kiss her boyfriend in the background so you couldn't see her face. A stroke of luck that night.

Lauren Russell plays Owen's daughter

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