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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The actual GOH diary, Day 1

 Some of the extras, which in this case is 1 extra, the writer/producer(Luke), 
half of the FX team(Kaleigh, the prettier half), and a grip. (Habib!)

So I don't normally do this. I wait until WAY after a movie is past to begin posting diary entries. Hell, the Bounty diary still hasn't seen the light of day...

That's for various reasons. From simply not wanting to revisit the misery so soon to not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.

But what you have to understand is that these are simply my thoughts in the heat of the moment. I don't dislike anybody in the cast/crew except that one person and they know who they are...(that's a joke, I don't dislike any of them, really!)

With that said, here is the agony of Day 1...

You do NOT want to know what Sharif was doing here...

Day 1 GOH 11-7-10

Started on time. Somehow fell behind—setting up the crane and getting people organized went bad. Literally didn’t shoot our first shot until an hour and a half after we were supposed to start shooting THE SCENE.

The crane does not go out as far as I had envisioned it, which kind of makes one of my cools shots not as cool. We move to the next crane shots.

Not a big fan of the shots. Seemed very low budget. Not a lot of extras, and some of them were told they were only going to be needed for an hour(?).

Andrew, The Servant, was technically supposed to be wrapped pretty early, but we ran late and I figured it was no big deal since he was crashing at Luke’s house. Turns out, he works the next day in Philly, so nope. We still had him until about 2am, so we had to go downstairs, shoot him out there, and then go BACK on the deck to finish the original shots.

Freezing cold outside. No actual craft service set up. I didn’t get any dinner. No time. Not much to drink.

Continued to fall behind. Everything is taking a while and focus is tough on a Red. The lenses we're using give some great shots by the depth of field is like from the front of her nose to your ear...

Some of the shots after the 1st start looking good.

The batteries aren’t recharging, so we’re having to run power to the Red for every shot. Not fun.

At the end it gets too late—we miss much of one scene. A pickup on the first day, a VERY easy scheduled day. I don’t know why first days have to suck SO MUCH but they do.

We wrapped, and by the time we cleaned up and packed up, it was 7am. Worked from 3pm-7am. Congrats on your 14 hour day.

Luke is insanely worried about his mom and how she’s going to react to the fact that people are in her house(and it looks that way). I mean, not much we can do. Hopefully she doesn’t ban us from coming back.

At this point she just needs to suck it up and figure after it’s over she can fix whatever got broke or dirty.

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