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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update 3/13/11 & Who's Spiking 2

Danielle telling me what she thinks of my directing

Am working on one of the more complicated edits--it involves Danielle eating about 20 different types of food, so if you were on set that night, you know what I'm talking about. It also involves Ryan Thomas getting a BJ

It was another tough night, and the scene has some problems. We had a problem with a shot where Danielle throws up--her hair kept getting in the way so you couldn't see the throw up. I never planned on using an insert, 'cause who really wants to see the throw up on the ground? But now I could really use it...

Then on another shot we have Danielle spin away from someone, and on the reverse shot she spins the opposite direction. Now the cut doesn't match. I don't blame anybody--the entire night's shooting was crazy, and we ran way behind.

But now I'm in fixit mode. I'm at about the 56 minute mark in this rough cut. I imagine the rough cut is gonna come in around two hours, which I will trim down to about 1hr 42 minutes or so.

Today's Who's Spiking The Camera stars Carl Stevens as "Leon".

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