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Monday, December 20, 2010

Okay, big pickups done...

So it was a crazy week. We went out in the 21 degree night and shot a fight scene with two actors who couldn't wear coats in the scene. (2 and 6/8 pages done)

I think they had fun, regardless of how much whining they did.

Then this weekend we polished off 13 and 2/8 pages.

One more big pickup(technically one scene, but it's like 9 pages and contains a big fight and 1 heavy effect) is all that's left to film. (though there's some wish-list shots that we may get if the stars align)

Not sure when we can get, but I'm working on a teaser--good news and bad news though; there's a deal on the table for my previous flick "Bounty", and now I have to go actually make the dvd supplements(Making Of, commentary)...and they're due in the next 2 weeks.

So the teaser may not be as fast as I'd hoped. Here's some pics from the pickups. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us out!

 Judy Furlow as Dena. No, she'll be fine. 'Tis a flesh wound...

 Okay, this is actually Rob Ziegler who wanted a picture in the bondage mask in our "Christmas" room.
 This is one of the P.A.s who didn't move fast enough for Jared.
 Richard Cutting celebrating a little nod to FOC
Filmmaker Eric Thornett makes a cameo with Vanessa Rae Bent.
Richard Cutting, action hero...

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