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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What? More Pics?

A side note...the new edit computer is ready for action. Today I actually start taking a look at footage. Kind of excited, but also pretty scared to see what we missed.

But me and Harvey Glatman got some tricks up our sleeve, so I'm sure it'll be cool.

Here, pics.

 Superstar in the making, Danielle Lozeau, in a scene
where she completely surpassed our(mine and Luke's) expectations
 Bondage masks can be fun. Hot, but fun.
Okay, really just hot. And creepy.
My favorite pic of the shoot.
I can't tell you what I'm doing here because it's illegal in 32 states,
but maybe if you buy me a drink sometime...
Richard Cutting as Owen, Carl Stevens as Leon, and John C. Bailey as Tom
Me and Rob Dimension, who was a real sport and
came out just so we could put his head through a wall. Repeatedly.

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