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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The State Of Things

So, I've been quiet of late. Here's your update!

I've done another pass on GOH and think it's about finished. The final running time is 1hr57 minutes.  Am pretty happy with it. There's still some things I wish I could change, but they're pretty much all a function of our super-low budget.

Have imported all of the Making Of footage and am prepping to create the supplement. Have to interview the main people, or at least some of them. Gotta figure out exactly what I have footage of for them to talk about.

People ask about distribution, and it's up in the air. I haven't even sent it to my producer's rep yet because of another option I'm mulling over. You may hear about it soon if I decide to go forward with it.

Night of the Living Podcast did a short blurb/review of the flick, which I've edited for the best possible context. You can hear the edit below, or head to for the actual episode.

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