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Saturday, June 25, 2011

6/25/11 Update

 We take our crew to the best places. Habib, inside "Murder Warehouse".
 P.A. Noah taking a two-second break.

Wow, didn't realize it had been so long since I did an update! Having some of those pesky personal-life issues that sometime get in the way of moviemaking.

Anyway, I have a rough cut of GOH completed in chronological order. I say it that way because when you're making a movie, a lot more is done creatively while editing than I think most people believe. Many people think the director goes out and shoots the movie, then hands the footage to the editor who edits it according to script.

Not so in many cases, especially low budget flicks. The editor is sort of the unsung hero, the guy whose job it is to fix anything that couldn't be fixed on set. (hence the term "Fix it in post")

But many times the editor can come up with something better than the way it was written, so it can lead to some great creative choices.

So the movie is now edited according to script, but I'll be changing the order of scenes, and unfortunately it appears that I'll be completely removing a scene that will remove some actors from the movie almost completely. It's unfortunate, but sometimes it happens. (Hey, it'll be a great deleted scene!)

Bigger problem is that we had technical issues on the sound, so much of the movie needs foley and looping. Never had this many issues with sound before, and it's going to add months on to post.

I'm trying to talk Luke into a September or October premiere, but we'll see.

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