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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Update 4/3/11 and Who's Spiking 4

Actor/Director Joe Ripple...he said method acting was the reason he had to drink the whole bottle.
Been busting my hump editing. One scene in particular kicked my ass--the pickup that we shot in a Baltimore warehouse. Took me four straight days to edit. And that's the rough cut.

I'm now three scenes from being done the rough cut. Two big scenes and one small scene.

Put them on hold, as it's thundering here right now--editing machines get unplugged during storms. I refuse to take the chance of a power surge destroying all this work.

Anyway, two cast members got to see a brief clip with them in it--it's a very short scene that came out well, so I put it online unlisted for about an hour.

Today's Who's Spiking The Camera? features Matt, who not only spikes the camera, but he does it with a smirk!

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