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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What? More Pics?

A side note...the new edit computer is ready for action. Today I actually start taking a look at footage. Kind of excited, but also pretty scared to see what we missed.

But me and Harvey Glatman got some tricks up our sleeve, so I'm sure it'll be cool.

Here, pics.

 Superstar in the making, Danielle Lozeau, in a scene
where she completely surpassed our(mine and Luke's) expectations
 Bondage masks can be fun. Hot, but fun.
Okay, really just hot. And creepy.
My favorite pic of the shoot.
I can't tell you what I'm doing here because it's illegal in 32 states,
but maybe if you buy me a drink sometime...
Richard Cutting as Owen, Carl Stevens as Leon, and John C. Bailey as Tom
Me and Rob Dimension, who was a real sport and
came out just so we could put his head through a wall. Repeatedly.

Monday, November 29, 2010

More Pics...

Know what she's saying while she dances this crazy jig of joy? 
"I'm on a Kangas set! I'm on a Kangas set!"
Candy...Jared's future wife.
Kimberly Kerr getting her pole dance on.
Kaitlyn Huffman trying to conceal the feisty.
Jared, his Red, and his shadows
After Richard shot Jared, the production got back on schedule.
Lauren Russell showed up to be an extra, and ended up 
being an integral part of the movie.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Posts to come, but first, some pictures...

 The insanely-talented Danielle Lozeau, with some creepy dude watching her. (Frederick Cowie!)
 Ryan Thomas, Lauren Lakis, and fish face. I mean, Jessy Danner.
 Bet you wish you showed up to be an extra now, don't ya? 
Leanna Chamish and Kimberly Kerr doing their best to make the men forget their lines.
 My artist pal Rodger Schultz with Bob Haag and Leanna Chamish.
 Barbecue on night 1, which was more or less a disaster.
 The invaluable Noah Schaftel. This is the only moment in 2 weeks
he stopped long enough to shoot a picture of him...
Danielle and Lauren, reunited(and it feels so good)

 The crew. They only look 12 years old. (They're really 16)
 Lauren Lakis plays Liz, second movie in a row...
Bob Haag plays "Grant"
Jason Koch and Kaleigh Brown work on some FX for Jessy Danner
Bella in her dominatrix stuff
Visual embodiment of "splitting headache"
Heather England, one of the more gorgeous(and reliable) of the extras...
Rob Ziegler acting like he's talking to somebody
Richard Cutting in "Bounty alley"
Phillip Levine in "Bounty alley"