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Monday, May 27, 2013

Our newest update video

Check it out--and then pitch in a buck for every time you laughed. That's a fair trade, right? :)

Last 10 days of the campaign! Without everyone's help we won't be able to do this!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Kickstarter UPDATE!

Director of Photography Jared Noe being reminded why he signed up for this project

So we're at nearly $2000 of our goal--the hard part is over! :)

For anyone unsure of just how Kickstarter works, you pledge money to the cause(in this case, giving away the movie to everybody including you). You don't pay until June when the campaign is over, and ONLY if we make our goal.

So it's impossible to lose--either we reach our goal and you get a movie plus your reward, or we don't reach the goal and you're not charged a dime.


Please spread the word. The more people who put in money--even a dollar--the closer we get to the goal.

If you want to see this movie, PLEDGE! Otherwise you're not going to see it for at least two years...and then you'll probably get a barebones dvd/blu ray that the distributor threw together with barely any extras. This way you get the Blu Ray we created! With all the extras, just like we wanted them!

We need your help to make this happen!

Also check out this new update video featuring me answering questions!

And then this update video which features the return of the super-popular SHIVERS THE CLOWN!